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Featured Sessions & Workshops

Immerse yourself in the world of POCUS with captivating sessions and workshops, specially curated to expand your knowledge and scanning skills and bring you content beyond what you find in textbooks. Our experienced clinician and sonographer instructors will guide you through the latest techniques, technology advancements and best practices in POCUS.

POCUS Leaders Day

A chance for POCUS Leaders to learn and discuss POCUS Management.


Equitable Access to Ultrasound.

Beyond the books

Pearls of Wisdom that you won't find in the Textbooks!

Toys for Boys and Girls - Technology Showcase

Education aids, AI and more toole to enhance our scanning.


Fun and Competitive ways to Improve Performance, Knowledge and Skills.

Women and Babes - Pregnancy, Pelvic & Paediatric POCUS

The Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Female Pelvis and the Pediatric Abdomen.

Musculoskeletal POCUS Workshop

Musculoskeletal POCUS applications.


Hear and share ideas via panel and group discussion around ACEM updates, competency, certification and credentialing.

Exploring POCUS Diversity

A diverse group of critical care providers are using point of care ultrasound in a variety of settings.

Echocardiography Workshop

Point-of-Care Echo for the Intermediate/Advanced Practitioner.

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