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Beyond the books

Beyond the Books' has been designed to encompass the learnings that you can take away from hearing experts in their fields, the pearls of wisdom that you won't find in textbooks! Facilitated by Dr Cris Zollo (MBBS Bsc MRCS(Ed) FACEM, DDU) this didactic session will include a diverse range of POCUS-centric topics. A presentation about POCUS implementation in developing countries and putting POCUS into practice in a resource limited environment, a review of 10 recent practice changing literature articles on the use of ultrasound in clinical practice and lung ultrasound adjunct in drowning resuscitation. This presentation will take you through what drowning is and why ultrasound should be used in the severity grading of drowning. Your knowledge of POCUS will be transposed to remote marine environments and dive into the potential role of POCUS in the resuscitation of the drowning victim.

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