Ian Norton

The interface with Ultrasound in humanitarian settings

My Talk

Ian will give us a snapshot of current trends in Disaster, Epidemic and Humanitarian health response with a focus on the use of new technologies, particularly Ultrasound. The world of health response is changing rapidly. Ian will describe how the systems of quality assurance of Emergency Medical Teams he helped establish within WHO are now also being looked at by National response systems, especially in our region. He will also give some practical tips, insights and answer any questions you have on the current global health system, UN/WHO and NGOs, how you can contribute and what to watch out for!


Dr. Ian Norton, founder and Managing Director of Respond Global, is a specialist emergency physician with a wealth of experience in coordinating emergency health responses to disease outbreaks and disasters. Ian was head of the WHO’s Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Initiative in Geneva from 2014 to 2020. During this time, he led responses to Ebola, Diphtheria, and Measles outbreaks as well as to earthquakes, cyclones, and war zones. Previous to the WHO Ian led the creation and deployment of Australia’s National Medical Assistance program (AusMAT) for domestic and international emergencies ranging from fire and explosion to typhoons, earthquakes, floods, and disease outbreaks. Ian founded Respond Global in January 2020, delivering emergency health and COVID responses to both private and public sectors, ranging from the maritime, food, professional services, and resource sectors, to the UN and WHO in Africa, SE Asia, and the Pacific. Ian's work with the team at Respond Global has also involved coordinating the response to outbreaks and vaccination programs across Australia.